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We often find that when a loved one passes away, they cannot find the medals they thought that they had or haven't claimed them. We have provided links and information below on how to check medal entitlement, how to clean medals, how to display them. Also links to find about the service history of a loved one.



If you are looking for replacement or missing medals for your loved one, the Ministry of Defence have a service to access these medals and the form for these is as below

If you would like the medals mounted properly to be displayed or worn, then we are working with Empire Medals who undertake the mounting of medals in a professional way.

They also have presentation boxes to keep them safe and secure for future generations.

If medals are old and lost their shine, then it is possible to clean these either yourself or professionally.


Wearing of relative’s medals

If you would like to wear your loved one’s medals in remembrance of their service to our Country, you can do this on Remembrance Sundays and other events after they have passed away.

However, they can only be worn on the Right Breast and not the left.




If you would like to find out how long your loved one served, where they served and other information, it is possible to ask for a service history from the Ministry of Defence and they can give you a copy of the service record. These are often useful for future generations to learn about their relative’s service to our Country.

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