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Veterans Bereavement Support UK is a community, volunteer led organisation that works to support those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, Merchant Navy and Emergency Services and their families. We are inclusive of all people.

These services include support for families facing or have lost a loved one through bereavement and our services include assistance with ceremonial aspects to ensure the time spent in the services is remembered, this includes access to service drapes for funerals in agreement with the guidelines laid down to VBS by the Ministry of Defence.

We also have other services related to living bereavement - the type of loss that isn't death related. This includes :


  • Loss of a companion and friends - we responded with a network of support and friendship groups to encourage greater social inclusion and alleviate loneliness.


  • Transition from service life to Civilian Life - the pressures placed on those who have served when they go from the structured service life and disciplines to living in the community without support, cut off from regular friends and building new relationships.


  • To work with those who serve or have serve who experience mental health issues and to provide counselling and support to avoid negative thoughts and suicidal tendencies.  


  • To provide a dedicated phone line that is accessible to all those who serve or have served where there is someone to talk to and to listen when they struggle with life and be assured of positive and proactive support.


  • To ensure bereavement counselling is available from trained volunteers who they themselves have served and have first hand experience of the issues faced by Armed Forces and Emergency Service Veterans.


  • To give, where possible the immediate next of kin of those who have served and passed away one of our Unique Veterans Memorial Pins as a thank you for their service to our Country.


  • To continue to work with other service and emergency service organisations to ensure that by working together, we can ensure that more know of our commitment and support across the UK


  • Working with ministers and celebrants across the UK to support them when taking services for Veterans and respond to calls for support as needed including creation of our own handbook that will be accessible to them.


  • Any other related services that may arise

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