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At Veterans Bereavement Support we believe passionately that anyone who has served in the Armed Forces over the years is able to access funerals at affordable prices and assured the quality and experience from people who have been organising funerals for veterans for a significant amount of time.

We have our own dedicated Veterans Funerals volunteer who works with families to ensure that there loved ones get the service ad honours that they deserve and will put you in touch with local funeral directors who share our vision for discounted funerals for veterans.

From coffin drapes, to standard bearers and Buglers, nothing is left to chance, but organised with precision and using the talents of our Veterans Funeral Advisers.

We have signed up members of the Armed Forces Covenant

In most cases our own Padre can officiate at the services and we can arrange for the attendance of standard bearers, regimental associations and the Bugler where possible and we also have our own Standard.

We also send the appropriate coffin drape to the funeral director with instructions on correct usage and where to return to.  (We have written authorisation from the Ministry of Defence that veterans who request service drapes can have these as Queens Regulations only relate to serving members of the Armed Forces.)

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