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A Veterans Funeral

When it comes to organising a veteran’s funeral there are some additions that we encourage for the service that reflects your loved one’s service to Queen and Country or in some cases King and Country.

Nothing is set in stone, but we hope that the information will be helpful and further advice is available from our own Padre via email

Our Padre does travel officiate at funerals of veterans if requested


Entrance Music 

When the cortege enters the church or chapel the suggested music is usually the regimental slow march of the regiment that they served in. For example, for the Royal Hussars their regimental slow march is Coburg.


Prayers during the service

With the modern-day funerals having less religious content, we still encourage the regimental prayer to be read during the service. Your loved one would be familiar with this from their time in service and its a touching tribute.


Act of Remembrance

In many cases a veteran would be honoured to be remembered in the traditional act of remembrance the funeral. It is possible in some cases to arrange for a bugler to attend the service and depending on the length of service it can sometimes be someone from the regiment. There are also many independent buglers around who may charge to attend. Most crematoriums have the Act of Remembrance on their music system already. One of the best versions is by the Central Band of the Royal British Legion:

Last post - 1 minute Silence - Reveille

Coffin Drapes

We have a large and increasing collection of Coffin Ensigns/drapes for funerals of Veterans that are available to loan for funerals. We also supply notes on the etiquette on the correct usage for the funeral directors. With flowers, we recommend a small round wreath of flowers at one end of the coffin to avoid the drape being damaged and you may consider a poppy wreath as a fitting tribute

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